Internet Usage Policies

The availability of free public Internet, and access to the World Wide Web, compliments and extends traditional library services. The following conditions apply:

Users must be aware that the Internet is an unregulated information network, enabling free and open access to ideas, information and images. It is required that users behave responsibly in their use of this access.

The Bridgeport Public Library cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information on the Internet, nor can they accept responsibility for, or supervise, content which may be accessed, inadvertently or otherwise, by the user. The Library does not assume any liability for damage, loss, costs or expenses arising either directly or indirectly from use of the Library's free Internet-based computer reference services.

Failure to use the Internet appropriately and responsibly, changing any settings on the machines or accessing sites inappropriate in an openly public setting, will result in revocation of computer privileges.

Computer Services

Due to a limited number of computers, anyone wishing to use a computer must check with the front desk prior to logging on.

Use of computer may be limited to 2 one-hours sessions per day, unless computers are sitting unused. A maximum of 2 members per family may use the computers at one time. So as not to disturb other users, please refrains from using cell phones while at a computer.

Internet Use by Children

Access to library resources, both printed and electronic, is provided equally to all library users. Parents and/or guardians are responsible for electronic information accessed by their children.

In order to use a library computer, all users age 13 or younger must have a computer permission form on file that has been signed by a parent or guardian and said parent must also be in the Library at time of use.