Water & Wastewater Rate Increase

Water & Wastewater Rate Increase

The City of Bridgeport strives to provide quality, safe and reliable water and wastewater service in a cost effective way, while protecting our public's health and water resources. The City recently hire Schneider Engineering to perform a cost of service study and rate analysis on the water and wastewater utility funds. The study was to determine the rates necessary to fund capital improvements to resolve the water quality issues experienced during the summer and fall months when the manganese and iron levels are high. The findings in the study identified that an increase in water and wastewater utility rates is necessary in order for the City to provide safe and reliable water and wastewater service to customers.

Water & Wastewater Cost of Service Rate Study (PDF)

Water & Wastewater Rate Increase- Fact Sheet (PDF)

Bridgeport City Council Workshops

The Bridgeport City Council held three workshops to discuss rate increases of water and wastewater. During the Workshops, the below presentations were presented to give background information on the water and wastewater funds, cost of service study, options for increase in rates. Citizens were encouraged to attend the Workshops to give input and suggestions.

Water & Wastewater Financial Forecast & Rates Presentation: 2/12/2018 (PDF)

Water & Wastewater Financial Forecast & Rates Presentation: 2/26/2018 (PDF)

Surrounding Cities Rate Comparison (PDF)

Ord No 2018-07- Amending A8.003 Water Rates and A8.004 Sewer Rates (PDF)

Key Factors of Rate Increase

Improve Water Quality: The rate increase will improve water quality by allowing the City to construct new treatment facility improvements that will enhance the water treatment process.

Help Fund Critical Repairs To Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants: The rate increase will help fund emergency repairs, upgrades, and maintenance to aging infrastructure.

Restore A Balance Water & Wastewater Budget: The rate increase will bring revenues back in line with the cost of providing services (i.e. plant operation, personnel, chemical costs, break repairs, etc.), and restoring financial stability for the water and wastewater fund.

New Rates & Effective Date

New rates for water and wastewater will begin in April 2018, and will be reflected on the May 2018 bill.

New Water Rates

Base Rate- $10 increase

Tier 1 Volume (0 - 3,000 gallons of water)- Established Rate

Tier 2 & 3 Volume (3,000 - 10,000+ gallons of water)- %5 increase

New Wastewater Rates

Base Rate- $6 increase

Volume- 10% increase

For more information, please contact the City of Bridgeport at 940-683-3400.