City Secretary

The City Secretary's Office is committed to providing support services to the citizens, City Council members, and city staff of the City of Bridgeport professionally and efficiently.


The City Secretary's Office has 3 major areas of responsibility.

City Council
The City Secretary attends City Council meetings and work sessions, documents City Council actions, certifies the authenticity of records, reviews City Council agenda items for completeness, prepares minutes, and maintains the city's legislative history.

Records Management Program
The City Secretary coordinates the records management program and monitors the off-site records storage center. The records management program provides for the identification, maintenance, retention, security, disposition, and preservation of city records. The program is established by state law and City Code.

The City Secretary is the election official for the city and oversees the administration of city elections to ensure compliance with all city, state, and federal election laws and policies and to ensure that city elections are conducted fairly and impartially.

Other Duties Performed
  • Administer oaths
  • Attest contracts and other legal instruments when executed by the authorized officers of the city
  • Monitor board and commission appointments
  • Process and administer claims filed against the city
  • Perform such other duties as may be required of the City Secretary by the City Council or state law