The GIS Division strives to provide an updated and accurate enterprise-wide Geographic Information System (GIS) service that is utilized by departments and agencies to improve efficiency and decision processes. The City of Bridgeport currently uses ESRI, Inc. GIS software for data development and map making.

Division Goals 

  • To maintain GIS data layers
  • To create maps of data for different projects and departments
  • To provide support for the data users' goals
  • To utilize the ESRI software to keep city limit, ETJ, and zoning maps up-to-date


The data provided on this site is intended to be used as a guide for development; however, the data collection is still a work in progress and, consequently, not all of the data found on this site is complete. For more specific information or any questions pertaining to the data on this site, please contact Natalie Bilby at (940) 683-3413.