Animal Services Department

The City of Bridgeport Animal Services Department provides services to the citizens and animals within the city limits. Our department currently has an animal services officer and a shelter technician, enabling the department to provide services daily. Operational hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please call (940) 683-3430 for an appointment to meet the adorable animals waiting for you at the shelter, or view some of them on our Facebook page.


The Animal Services Department routinely patrols the city to ensure the safety of citizens and to see that animals in the area are treated humanely. The animals in our facility are either brought in by a citizen or are rescued by an Animal Services Officer. The animals are inspected by the officer to determine the age, healthiness, and demeanor of the animal. The mission of the Animal Services Department is to find a home for each animal that is rescued and to make sure the match is suitable for both the family and the animal.

Owner-Released Animals

Bridgeport citizens who feel they are no longer able to care for their pets may turn them into an Animal Service Officer for a $25 fee. There is ample room provided for each individual animal. Owner-released animals are immediately available for adoption once they have been monitored by an Animal Services Officer. Animals that are rescued by an officer or a citizen are available for adoption after 72 hours.


Animals housed in the Animal Services Facility may be adopted for a $60 fee, this includes adoption, spay / neuter procedure, rabies vaccination and annual registration.