The Utility Billing Division of the Financial Services Department includes the collection of water, wastewater, garbage, and electric fees, as well as water and electric meter reading and repair.

The mission of this division is to ensure accuracy and efficiency in the collection and assessment of user charges, maintain professional and responsive service, answer inquiries from customers, and provide accurate and timely billings through progressive and innovative systems while ensuring a positive attitude toward City Hall by newcomers, visitors, and residents through a pleasant first experience.

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Water Taps

  • 1-inch - $2,989.00
  • 2-inch - $3,461.00
  • Larger Than 2 inches - Based on Cost
  • Taps located Under Concrete - Additional $378.00

Sewer Taps

  • Up to 6 inches - $2,609.00
  • Larger Than 6 inches - Based on Cost
  • Taps Located Under Concrete - Additional $378.00