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Confidential Business Contact Information

  1. There are many times that we struggle to find an owner or manager of a business after he or she becomes the victim of a crime. Occasionally our officers observe or find suspicious activity around local businesses, but they do not have a contact with the business to call and ask questions about the activity. Below are some personal questions about your business. All of this information will be kept confidential. Please complete this form with your most current information and fill in the details you feel we should know. Any information such as leaving the register open, leaving lights on, etc. is important information to our officers. You only need to answer the questions you are comfortable with the Bridgeport Police Department knowing.

    In addition to the form listed below, the Bridgeport Police Department currently uses Blackboard Connect to notify the community with trusted neighborhood level public safety and community information.

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  6. Someone with a key in case of burglary, theft, vandalism, etc.

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  9. Do you have an alarm?

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  11. Which of the following do you have alarm sensors on?

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