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Bridgeport Public Library - Patron Satisfaction Survey

  1. Bridgeport Public Library - Patron Satisfaction Survey
  2. We would love to know what you think about the library! Please complete this survey; your feedback will greatly benefit the library and its services.
  3. How often do you visit the Library?*
  4. What keeps you from using the Library more frequently? (please check all that apply)*
  5. Which library services are important to you? (please check all that apply)*
  6. What are good ways to let you know about upcoming Library events? (please check all that apply)*
  7. What do you desperately wish the Library would improve upon? (please check all that apply)*
  8. If a big bag of money landed on the Library's doorstep, what would you think the Library should do with it?*
  9. I believe the Bridgeport Public Library benefits the Wise County area in the following ways. (please check all that apply)*
  10. What are the ages of the people living in your household? (please check all that apply)*
  11. What is the highest level of education in your household*
  12. Are you a resident of Bridgeport?*
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