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Online Forms

  1. 1102 Halsell St Park Amenities List
  2. Application for Volunteer Service (No Background)

    This is the form to fill out for volunteering at City Events.

  3. Bridgeport Volunteer Fire Department Application
  4. City of Bridgeport Tree Lighting Event 2023 Entertainment Application

    This event is on Monday, November 27, 2023 from 5:30PM-7:15PM in Downtown Bridgeport. Please fill out and submit your Entertainment... More…

  5. Employee Recognition
  6. Facility Maintenance Budget Request Form
  7. Fix It Form
  8. Job Application
  9. Northwest OHV Park

    Employee daily check in form

  10. parks test
  11. Program Evaluation
  12. Public Information Request for Police
  13. Volunteer Form - Adult

    This form is required for any volunteer helping.

  14. Youth Program Packet 2021-2022
  1. Application for Utility Service
  2. Bridgeport Public Library - Patron Satisfaction Survey
  3. Christmas Cards in the Park Reservation 2023
  4. Confidential Business Contact Information
  5. Endeavor Bridgeport Adventure Park Economic Analysis
  6. Facility Maintenance Budget Request Form 2023-2024
  7. Garage Sale Fall 2023

    The city will waive the garage sale fee for Friday October 13th and Saturday October 14h. We will also provide a map and list for... More…

  8. Job Fair 2022
  9. Open Records Request
  10. Pool Concession Inventory
  11. Program/Event Summary
  12. Santa and the Stage Coach 2023 Activity Booth Form
  13. Volunteer Form - Adult Animal Shelter

    This form is required for any volunteer helping at the Bridgeport Animal Shelter.

  14. Youth Program Packet 2023-2024