Southern Rock Racing Series

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Southern Rock Racing in Bridgeport, Texas

​What is Rock Racing?

The sport of recreational rock crawling and hill climbing has evolved quickly in the southeast to what is being called “rock bouncing”. High horsepower buggies built to launch up insane climbs, and fast. The Southern Rock Racing Series was formed after seeing these guys out on the weekends putting on a show and decided to put together an organized racing series that would allow these guys to do what they enjoy, only with the added organized safety aspect, excitement and risk/reward of competition.

The unique thing about this event is that the racing will only close about 25% of Northwest OHV Park so the rest of the park is open for trail riding, so bring your Jeep, UTV, ATV, etc.

What are the times/dates?

The park will open at 9am on Friday, February 23rd and stay open until 5pm on Sunday, February 25th.  This will also anyone who wants to play on the trails to play anytime throughout the weekend.

As far as the race schedule, please visit Southern Rock Racing Events.

What does is Cost?

​Cost for this event is a per person rate of $25.00 for a daily fee and $40.00 for the weekend.  Children 10 and under are free.  This rate includes entrance into the park for both watching the race as well as playing on the other trails throughout the park.

Other Important Information
​The Park is located at 2914 Hwy 101 Bridgeport, TX 76426
For more information, please call (940) 683-3480 or visit