Applications & Fee Schedule

Development Applications

Filing & Application Fees

Application fees are due and payable at the time application is made.

Zoning Fees

The zoning application or rezoning fee shall be $150.

Appeal, Variance, or Special Exception Application

A processing fee of $150 shall be paid when the application is made.

Specific Use Permit

The processing fee for a specific use permit application shall be $150.

Site Plan (Non-Residential) Fees

Site Plan Review Fees shall be up to $250, plus a $50 Fire Plan Zoning / Review Fee.

Plat Fees

Tax certificates and payment for plat applications are due upon approval by City Council and before filing with the County Clerk.

  • Preliminary Plat Fees: $130 plus $2 per lot
  • Final Plat Fees:
    • Residential: $130 plus $2 per lot
    • Non-Residential: $130 plus $20 per acre
  • Re-Plat Fees: $130 plus $2 per lot
  • Tax Certificates: $10 each from each taxing entity for each original lot, showing all taxes paid. The property owner may obtain and provide before filing, or the city may collect for and obtain at the time of filing.