Municipal Court

The Bridgeport Municipal Court is a non-court of record and is the Judicial Branch of city government. The court conducts adult and teen court hearings and is dedicated to providing to all citizens, other departments, and entities a fair, independent, and impartial forum for handling fine-only cases arising within the city limits of Bridgeport.

The Municipal Court follows the procedures set forth under Texas Law and provides all persons the right to trial by judge or jury. Although every person has the right to be represented by an attorney, most citizens who appear in the Municipal Court represent themselves.

Court Appearances & Pleas

If you were issued a citation, you must make an appearance to determine your plea in person or by mail within 10 calendar days of the date of the violation. Please note that a telephone call does not constitute an appearance. Please consider each plea before making a decision:
  • Plea of Not Guilty means that you deny guilt or that you have a defense in your case. You may hire an attorney or you may represent yourself. You are entitled to a jury trial. If you waive a trial by jury, the judge will hear your case.
  • Plea of Guilty means that you admit the act is prohibited by law, that you committed the act charged, and that you have no defense or excuse for your act.
  • Plea of Nolo Contendere means that you do not contest the state's charge against you. A plea of nolo contendere cannot be used against you in a civil suit.
If you fail to appear either in person or via mail as provided by law, a warrant may be issued, and you may not be permitted to renew your driver's license or register your vehicle in this state.

Under our American system of justice, all persons are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty.


To determine the amount of your fine, contact the Municipal Court Clerk at (940) 683-3420, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Payments of cash, credit card, or money order are accepted. Money orders should be made payable to Bridgeport Municipal Court. Be sure to include your name and citation number on your payment.

The court has a 24-hour payment drop box located in the back of City Hall, located at 900 Thompson Street. You may also mail your payment to:
Bridgeport Municipal Court
900 Thompson St.
Bridgeport, TX 76426

Deferred Disposition (Probation)

Your request for deferred disposition must be received by the court before your appearance date. If your request is granted by the judge, you will be notified by mail, and you must comply with the terms ordered.

You are not eligible for deferred disposition if you hold a Commercial Driver's License or if the offense occurred in a construction zone with workers present.

Driving Safety Course

If you are charged with a moving violation, you may request before your appearance date to take a driving safety course. At the time of request, you must present proof of liability insurance, a copy of your Texas Driver's License, and pay the court costs / administrative fees. You are eligible to request the driving safety course if you:
  • Have a valid Texas Driver's License
  • Have proof of financial responsibility
  • Have not taken the course in the past 12 months
  • Do not hold a commercial driver's license
  • Have not committed one of the following offenses:
    • Failure to give information at accident scene
    • Leave scene of accident
    • Passing school bus
    • Serious traffic violation
    • In construction zone with workers present
    • Speeding 25 mph or over limit
Imposition of judgement will be deferred to allow you to complete a driving safety course that has been approved by the Texas Education Agency. You must present to the court a copy of your certified driving record from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

You must file your driving record and course completion certificate within 90 days from the date of the request, or your case will not be dismissed and the offense will appear on your driving record.


Municipal court has jurisdiction over minors (age 17 or younger) charged with Class C misdemeanor offenses, Public Intoxication (age 17-20), Possess / Consume Alcohol (under age 21), and Possession of Tobacco (under age 18).

All minors must appear in open court with their parent for all court proceedings in their case. Minors who fail to appear or who fail to pay their fine will be reported to the Department of Public Safety who will suspend their driver's license. Minors who do not have a driver's license will not be able to obtain one until their case is resolved.

Warning: A child and parent required to appear before the court have an obligation to provide the court the current address and residence of the child.

Special Services

The court complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. If you require special services (sign interpretative services, alternative audio / visual devices, amanuenses) or if you do not speak or understand English and need an interpreter, please request this before your court date. To make arrangements, call (940) 683-3420.

Appointment and Fees Report